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This section lists some of the albums released world-wide which feature cover versions of songs written by a-ha or their individual members.

Squawker's Band / Falling From Mars / Phase Generator / MxPx / Diva / Aqua Luna / Spectrum / Hymn / Savoy / Sigurd Køhn / Killer Shadows / Penthouse Playboys / Interactive / Captain Jack / London Symphony Orchestra / Double X / Reel Big Fish / Roar Engelberg / Poor Rich Ones / Pearl / Edyta Górniak / Dark Voices / Ellen Lu Trelle / Janez Detd / Multicyde / A1 / Kings Of Convenience / Spin-Up / Reel Big Fish / The Supers /Milk Inc. /Susperia /Rainstorm Project /Gardar Thór Cortes /Emou / Jonteknik feat. Martyn Bailey / Other

Squawker's Band - Os Grandes Sucessos Do A-HA (1989)

Squawker's Band - Os Grandes Sucessos Do A-HA

In Brazil there was an LP by "Squawker's Band featuring 10 cover versions of a-ha songs. The cover shows a live shot of a-ha on stage. The title is printed in small letters in the top right hand corner with A-HA in large orange letters. The band's name is printed in the bottom left hand corner.

Tracks: Take On Me (3:41) / Hunting High And Low (3:46) / Touchy! (4:28) / The Sun Always Shines On T.V. (4:36) / Manhattan Skyline (4:10) // The Living Daylights (4:04) / The Blood That Moves The Body (4:07) / Train Of Thought (3:59) / Stay On These Roads (4:52) / You Are The One (3:43)

The cover album "Os Grandes Sucessos Do A-HA" was released on CD with the title "a tribute to a-ha" and under the band name "falling from mars". It features a slightly different track listing compared to "Os Grandes Sucessos Do A-HA". See below for details.

Brazil LP Os Grandes Sucessos Do A-HA Square 734/0

Falling From Mars - a tribute to a-ha (1991?)

A CD of 10 a-ha cover versions "a tribute to a-ha" was released in Brazil by the band "Falling From Mars". Some of the tracks included on this album are the same as those on the album "Os Grandes Sucessos Do A-HA" by Squawker's Band. See above for details.

falling from mars - a tribute to a-ha (cover 1)

There are two slightly different covers for this album. Both show a blue/green shot of a-ha (Pål, Magne, Morten) with band information printed on the reverse of the front insert. The difference is in the titles. The first release has "a tribute to a-ha by falling from mars" printed on the front and reverse of the insert, the other just has "a tribute to   by falling from mars". The back inserts and discs are similar to the front covers except that the colours vary slightly and the second release has "a tribute to a- by falling from mars" on the reverse! The second release was the one available in the shops.

falling from mars - a tribute to a-ha (cover 2)

Tracks: Hunting High And Low / Take On Me / Crying In The Rain / I Call Your Name / Stay On These Roads / Touchy! / You Are The One / I've Been Losing You / The Sun Always Shines On T.V. / Train Of Thought

Brazil CD-1st release Falling From Mars - a tribute to a-ha KIVES KV5153
Brazil CD-2nd release Falling From Mars - a tribute to a-ha KIVES KV5153

Phase Generator - Loving You (1994)

Phase Generator - Loving You CD This two track CD-single by the German(?) techno group "Phase Generator" is a cover version of "Take On Me" with a different title.

The cover of the CD features a pink abstract design with orange titles. It includes the "Station Edit" (3:55) and "Club Mix" (6:00).

Phase Generator - Loving You 12"There is also a four track 12" which has "Loving You" in big red letters with white hearts printed across the sleeve. It features the "Sequencer Impact Mix" (5:06), "Peace Version Mix" (3:55), "Ethno Voice Mix" (4:39) and "Club Mix" (6:00).

The Netherlands CD Phase Generator - Loving You (Station Edit) / (Club Mix) Lowland Records 2001206
Spain 12" Phase Generator - Loving You (Sequencer Impact Mix) / (Peace Version Mix) // (Ethno Voice Mix) / (Club Mix) Max Music NM 807 MX

MxPx - On The Cover (02.95)

The gospel, punk band "MxPx" released an EP of cover versions including "Take On Me". The cover features a colour picture of the band looking at the camera, with the title in black letters at the top. More pictures of the band are featured inside the insert. The reverse is white with titles in large blue letters. The disc is white with black titles.


Tracks: Summer Of 69 (2:21) / Oh Boy (2:03) / Drum Machine Joy (3:35) / You Found Me (2:32) / Take On Me (3:36) / Marie,Marie (1:51) / You Put This Love In My Heart (1:47) / No Brain (2:37)

Holland On The Cover Touch And Go Tooth & Nail Records TND 1044 / 26297 10442

Diva - The Sun Always Shines On T.V. (25.07.95)

The Norwegian duo Diva released this cover version on CD-single and 12" in the UK and on two different CD singles in Norway. There was a further CD single released in Germany and a double 12" promo.

The cover of the UK CD single and 12" is honey coloured with a picture of Diva and the title written in blue. The back of the insert of the CD-single is greeny blue with large blue "Diva" logo with orange trim plus the tracks printed in blue. The CD itself is bright pink with a large blue-edged silver "Diva" logo and the tracks written in blue. Diva - UK CD Single
The CD features six different remixes of "The Sun Always Shines On TV" - "Radio Edit" (3:23), "Perfecto Mix" (8:05), "Sunshine Mix" (6:10) , "Volcano Club Edit" (3:31), "Sexy Disco Dub" (9:05) and "Original Version" (4:54). The 12" has a completely different track list with the "Crucial Club Mix" (5:18), "Original Version" (4:54), "Crucial Hard Dub Mix" (5:53) and "Crucial Club Edit" (3:42). The single was released on "eastwest" (a division of "Warner Music").

Diva - UK Cassette Single

There is also a UK cassette single which features the "Original Version" (4:54) and the "Perfecto Mix" (8:05). The front cover is similar to the CD single, the inside of the insert is blue with a large yellow Diva logo, the tracks listed in dark blue and additional information in yellow. The spine is blue with dark blue title and eastwest logo plus catalogue number in yellow. The cassette itself is transparent and black with white text. It plays the same on both sides.

There is a DJ promo CD-single which has a similar cover to the regular UK release, but has a white spine rather than a blue one. The reverse of the sleeve differs from the regular release, being pink with blue and white titles, of similar design to the actual disc.

Diva - Promo CD
The disc of this promo release also differs slightly from the regular release - the title and Diva letters are white rather than silver and the tracks are printed in white above the title, rather than in blue below the title. The disc also states that it is for promotional use and not for re-sale. It features only four mixes of "The Sun Always Shines On TV" "Radio Edit" (3:23), "Original Version" (4:54), "Perfecto Mix" (8:05) and "Volcano Club Mix" (3:32).

The covers of the Norwegian singles are similar to each other. They are blue with a white border and a picture of Diva. Their logo is printed on a white circle in the bottom left corner. One of the singles has "REMIX" written in white letters above the Diva logo but apart from that they are almost identical. Diva - Norway CD 1
Again these CDs just contain mixes of "The Sun Always Shines On TV". One CD features "Radio Edit" (4:58) and "Long Version" (6:15). The "Remix" CD features "Remix" (4:58), "Club Mix" (6:15) and "Original Mix" (4:58). Diva - Norway CD2

The reverse of the sleeve also differs from the UK release, instead of being greeny blue with coloured titles, the reverse of the sleeve of the Norwegian release is white with a picture of a can of "Diva" tomatoes and a can of "Diva" baked beans! The titles are printed in coloured letters above. The discs also differ being light grey with "Diva" printed in light blue on the right hand side rather than bright pink.

The cover of the German release is similar to the UK release but features the following seven remixes of "The Sun Always Shines On TV": "Radio Edit" (3:23), "Crucial Club Mix" (5:18), "Perfecto Mix" (8:05), "Sunshine Mix" (6:24), "Crucial Hard Dub Mix" (5:53), "Original Version" (4:54) and "Crucial Club Edit" (3:42).

There was also a special edition 4-sided German made 12" maxi release. It comes in a plain white sleeve without any information, just a small WB-logo pressed into the back of the sleeve in the lower right corner. The discs feature the following 7 versions of "The Sun Always Shines On T.V.":
Disc 1: Perfecto Mix (8:08) / Radio Edit (3:23) // Sexy Disco Dub (9:08)
Disc 2: Sunshine Mix (6:10) / Sunshine Instrumental Mix (6:10) // Volcano Club Edit (3:31) / Volcano Club Mix (6:03)

Germany CD The Sun Always Shines On TV (Radio Edit) / (Crucial Club Mix) / (Perfecto Mix) / (Sunshine Mix) / (Crucial Hard Dub Mix) / (Original Version) / (Crucial Club Edit) eastwest 0630-11414-2
Germany / UK? Double Promo 12" Perfecto Mix / Radio Edit (3:23) // Sexy Disco Dub // Sunshine Mix / Sunshine Instrumental Mix // Volcano Club Edit / Volcano Club Mix eastwest SAM 6505
Norway CD The Sun Always Shines On TV (Radio Edit) / (Long Version) Vertigo / Polygram 858 871-2
Norway CD The Sun Always Shines On TV (Remix) / (Club Mix) / (Original Mix) Vertigo / Polygram 856 023-2
UK CD The Sun Always Shines On TV (Radio Edit) / (Perfecto Mix) / (Sunshine mix) / (Volcano Club Edit) / (Sexy Disco Dub) / (Original Version) eastwest YZ947CD (0630-11178-2)
UK CD Promo The Sun Always Shines On TV (Radio Edit) / (Original Version) / (Perfecto Mix) / (Volcano Club Mix) eastwest YZ947CDDJ
UK Cassette The Sun Always Shines On TV (Original Version) / (Perfecto Mix) eastwest YZ947C (0630-11179-4)
UK 12" The Sun Always Shines On TV (Crucial Club Mix) / (Original Version) / (Crucial Hard Dub Mix) / (Crucial Club Edit) eastwest 0630-11413-0

Aqua Luna - Take On Me ('95)

The German, techno band "Aqua Luna" released a 3 track single and a 12" featuring cover mixes of "Take On Me". The sleeve of this release is purple and orange with a cartoon drawing of Morten and Bunty taken from the "Take On Me" video. "Aqua Luna" is printed in green and yellow 'glowing' letters in the top right hand section of the sleeve while "Take On Me" is printed in large light and dark green letters at the bottom.

Aqua Luna
The reverse of the sleeve is white with "Aqua Luna" and "Take On Me" printed in a similar style to that on the front. The tracks are listed on purple strips below.

The CD-single and 12" both feature the following mixes of "Take On Me" - "Radio version" (3:47), "Esoteric Mix" (6:14) and "Nuhpop Mix" (7:37).

GermanyCD Take On Me (Radio version) / (Esoteric Mix) / (Nuhpop Mix) DST 1293-8
Germany12" Take On Me (Esoteric Mix) / (Nuhpop Mix) / (Radio version) DST 1293-12

Spectrum - Take On Me ('95?)

This four track CD-single was released by the Spanish band "Spectrum".
The sleeve of the single is purple with a pink flying saucer (?) in the middle. The title is printed in pink letters towards the top of the sleeve. The reverse is black, again with the 'glowing' pink title plus additional pink, yellow and white text. It features the following mixes of "Take On Me" - "Radio version" (3:52), "Take Mix" (5:39) and "On Mix" (5:52) plus the Song "Deep (Xamix)" (3:52). Spectrum - Take On Me

Take On Me (Radio version) / (Take Mix) / (On Mix) / Deep (Xamix) DST 1321-8

Hymn - Har en Drøm (1996)

This album of instrumental ballards was released in Norway. It features versions of "A Kind Of Christmas Card" and "Hunting High And Low". The album doesn't have a front sleeve (to be confirmed), but the CD is a picture disc featuring a shot of a white dove coming into land. The title is in white and pink letters at the top of the disc. The back sleeve also features the picture of the dove with the tracks and song writers listed in white and pink text.

Hymn - Har en Drøm

Norway Har en Drøm MOOD Records MCD 86502

Savoy - Velvet (13.05.96)

Paul Waaktaar Savoy covered himself on this single by including the a-ha song "October". The cover of the CD single of "Velvet" has an orangy yellow picture of a hand on guitar strings. The back of the insert has an orangy yellow picture of Pal's holding a guitar of which you can only see the middle section, with blue track listings. Velvet CD-Single
The German made CD is orange with yellow track listings and "Savoy" is printed in silver. Some copies of the CD-single have the tracks listed in the wrong order as Velvet (Single Mix) / Velvet (Greene Street Mix) / October.

Germany Velvet (Single Mix) / October (Non-LP track) / Velvet (Greene Street Mix) 936 243 653-2

Sigurd Køhn - More Pepper, Please (08.96)

Saxophonist Sigurd Køhn who played in the a-ha live band from 1990-1994, released his own solo album "More Pepper, Please" on "Real Records" label. The album features a saxophone instrumental cover version of a-ha's song "October" on track 5.
The cover shows a black and white photo of the artist holding up his saxophone. Sigurd Køhn is printed in large white letters at the top, with the title printed three times in respectively white, gold and pink overlapping letters. The disc itself is black with Sigurd Køhn in large silver letters at the top and the title in silver and gold overlapping letters below. More Pepper, Please

Norway More Pepper Please Real Records RT 106-2 (7 041882 310620)

Euro Traxx (01.10.96)

The band "Killer Shadows" did a cover version of "The Sun Always Shines On T.V." which was the first track on the compilation album called "Euro Traxx". This U.S. This album was released in the U.S. by St.Clair Entertainment group from Quebec, Canada. The band is a techno-dance group. Euro Traxx

USA Euro Traxx DAN40122

Penthouse Playboys - Sånn Skall Det Gjøres (09.96)

The Norwegian band "Penthouse Playboys" released an 11 track album in Norway which features a cover version of Morten's "A Kind Of Christmas Card" on track 1. The album also features the song "Millimeter", previously recorded by Anne Grete Preus with Morten Harket on backing vocals. It was released on the record label "Sonet". Penthouse Playboys - Sånn Skall Det Gjøres

Norway Sånn Skall Det Gjøres Sonet SCD15106

Penthouse Playboys - A Kind Of Christmas Card (1996)

Penthouse Playboys - A Kind Of Christmas Card There is a radio promo 1-track CD single of the cover track "A Kind Of Christmas Card" (3:33) by Penthouse Playboys released in Norway. The CD-single does not have a picture sleeve but a photo of the vocalist Jens Pikenes (where he poses just like Morten used to do back in the old days!) on the CD itself. "Penthouse Playboys" is printed in large dark purple letters over a pink heart at the top of the disc with the rest of the titles in pink underneath. It was released on "Sonet" record label and comes in a black Sonet sleeve.

Norway promo A Kind Of Christmas Card Sonet PROPENT106

Interactive - The Sun Always Shines On TV (96)

A cover version by German dance band "Interactive".

The cover is white with pictures of the band memebers plus a microwave oven (?) against a green background which is itself inside a black outlined rectangle. The title in greeny / blue letters is printed underneath. The reverse of the insert is white with another picture of the microwave in the centre and titles above and below. The disc is white and black with white titles.

Tracks: Sun always Shines On TV (Radio Version) (3:21) / Sun Always Shines On TV (Extended Club Mix) (5:42) / Interactive (5:04) / Come Over (4:42)

Holland The Sun Always Shines On TV Blow Up Int 828.141 /
7243 8 83377 2 4

Captain Jack - Mission ('96)

Captain Jack released a techno version of "Take On Me". It was track 7 on the 15 track CD album "Mission". The album was released on the label CDL and distributed by EMI Svenska AB.
Captain Jack - Mission

Tracks: Mission / Sir yes sir / Captain jack / Soldier soldier / Little boy / Drill instructor / Take on me / Captains dream / Jack in da house / Back home / Shes a lady / Captain jack remix / Drill instructor remix / Jack in da house / Final countdown

Mission Germany? CDL 7243 8 38049 24

London Symphony Orchestra Presenterer Norske Popklassikere (97)

The cover of this album features a swan taking off from the water with a royal blue background. The text is written in gold and white letters. Track 11 features the orchestral version of "Hunting High And Low" (3:42). The inside of the sleeve is gold coloured with the large letters "LSO" plus track listings and credits written over the top in white and black. The reverse is royal blue with white text. The disc is gold coloured with white text. Norske Popklassikere

Tracks: Har en Drøm (3:55) / Kjærlighet (4:48) / Lys og varme (3:52) / Waiting For The Morning (4:54) / Vinsjan På Kaia (4:01) / Long December Nights (5:20) / Cries Like A Baby (4:54) / Cheerio (3:21) / Det Vakreste Som Finns (4:59) / Just Missed The Train (3:46) / Hunting High And Low (3:42) / Se Ilden Lyse (3:37)

Norway Norske Popklassikere Columbia COL 489 146 2

Double X - Hunting High And Low (??)

A dance version of "Hunting High And Low" was released by the Italian group "Double X". The cover of this single is dark blue and features a photograph of horses running through water. "Double X" is printed in large red and white-edged yellow letters at the top with "Hunting High And Low" printed in red-edged white letters below. "Club Mix" is printed in white-edged yellow letters at the bottom.

Double X
The single features two mixes of "Hunting High And Low": "Radio" (3:48), and "Club" (5:08). It also features an additional track called "Hunter" (4:00).

Germany Hunting High & Low (Radio) / Hunting High & Low (Club) / Hunter Interphon 91802

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