Morten Harket - Poetenes Evangelium (09.11.93)

Poetenes EvangeliumThis album is only available in Norway and Sweden (NB: The album was released in Sweden on 17th November 1997, four years after the Norwegian release). It features 12 tracks with lyrics written by Norwegian post-war authors, all sung by Morten in Norwegian. The CD sleeve is a fold-out black digi-pak.

The front has a glossy black and white picture of Morten holding a microphone in one hand and the other drooped over the stand. Morten is positioned down the left hand side of the sleeve. The title plus "Morten Harket" are printed in cream coloured letters (separated only by a thin red line) on a black matt rectangle which is positioned off-centre towards the bottom right corner.

Poetenes Evangelium Disc The reverse of the cover is matt grey with the track listings printed in cream coloured letters. Additional text is printed in red in the bottom right section of the sleeve. Inside the digi-pak, album details are printed in cream and red coloured letters. There is a pocket in the centre which houses the 8 page CD booklet. The front of the booklet is black with the title in cream and red letters across the top with a brown and white illustration of a man below. The pages of the booklet are white with lyrics in black and several more black and white illustrations. Text by Håvard Rem is printed on the inside of the cover. On the reverse of the opened out digi-pak the picture of Morten, the same as that on the front cover, is faded to the background with more cream text in the top right corner.

Poetenes Evangelium Cassette The disc is black with cream-coloured text plus record company logo. The only colour on the disc is a small red line separating the title and "Morten Harket".

The album was also available on cassette. The cover is of similar design to the CD digi-pak, but the printed colours are slightly different (eg. the rectangle on which the titles are printed is brown rather than matt grey). It features the lyrics but not the additional illustrations of the CD booklet. The cassette is transparent / grey with white titles.

Natten (3:16) - Jens Bjørneboe / Hymne Til Josef (5:03) - Inger Hagerup / Salome (3:48) - Jens Bjørneboe / Elisabet Synger Ved Johannes Døperens Død (3:22) - Erik Fosnes Hansen / Fra Templet (2:44) - Georg Johannesen / Hvor Krybben Stod (3:15) - Arnold Eidslott // Rytteren (3:02) - Arnold Eidslott / Sviket (3:55) - Inger Hagerup / Påske (4:02) - Jens Bjørneboe / Den Fremmede (3:30) - Kaj Skagen / Den Fremmede Taler Til Mennesket (3:47) - Kaj Skagen / Engelen (3:58) - Håvard Rem


Norway Poetenes Evangelium Kirkelig Kulturverksted FXCD 131


Norway Poetenes Evangelium Kirkelig Kulturverksted FXMC 131

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