Spanish Steps (19.02.96)

The follow up single to "A Kind Of Christmas Card" was released in Norway in November '95 and some months later it was available in England. This time there is only one 5" CD-single which comes in a jewel case. Spanish Steps CD Single The sleeve features a brown and white-shot of Morten holding a type-writer. This picture has been fastened to a piece of yellow "Memorandum" paper, which itself has been fixed to the background of white lined notepad paper with a pin. The title is `type'-written in black text on white strips and positioned in the top right hand corner, while the spine is black with white text. Spanish Steps Disc The reverse of the insert is black with the tracks `type'-printed in black on white strips. Underneath, more information on the tracks is printed in white.

The German made CD has a silmilar design to the CD for "A Kind Of Christmas Card". The tracks are printed in black on light blue strips at the top and more information is printed in light blue at the bottom. The tracks include the album versions of "Spanish Steps" (4:07) and "Lord" (3:52), plus the extra non-album track "Girl" (3:37) written by H�vard Rem and produced by Christopher Neil.

Spanish Steps Promo CD Singles There is a 1-track promo 5"CD which also comes in a jewel case. It has the same front cover as the regular UK release. The reverse of the sleeve and the disc vary slightly as they only list the one track. Also the disc is black with white text and strips rather than the light blue counterpart. The reverse of the insert plus the disc also has "For Promotional Use Only Not For Resale" printed on them. Some copies of the promo CD come with a sticker on the front with wea UK contact numbers and a release date stamped on as 12 Feb 1996.

Spanish Steps Cassette Single The cassette single has a similar cover to the CD-single except that some of the `notepaper' on the left side of the picture has been cut off. The spine is black with black typed writing on a white strip and a white WB-logo. The reverse of the insert is very similar to the reverse of the CD-insert. The cassette is clear with white text and plays the same on both sides.


Spanish Steps German promoGermany: The 3 track CD was used for promotional purposes in Germany. It comes with a wea information sheet in German plus a small promo "PR-Copy" sticker.


Germany promo Spanish Steps / Girl / Lord W0321CD / 9362-43615-2
UK / Norway   Spanish Steps / Girl / Lord W0321CD / 9362-43615-2
UK promo Spanish Steps W0321 CDDJ

Cassette single

UK Spanish Steps / Girl [plays the same both sides] W0312C (5439-17732-4)

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