Mary Is Coming (26.02.96)

This 12-track album was the debut album by Savoy and was released in Norway, England, Germany, Sweden, Japan and the USA. It was released in Norway on 19th February, in the UK a week later and in Sweden on 1st March. All tracks were written by Lauren and Paul Waaktaar-Savoy, produced and recorded by Savoy and mixed by Simon Vinestock (except * mixed by Rod Hui and ** mixed by Roberth Opsahl-Engen). The musicians featured on the album are Paul Waaktaar-Savoy on guitar, bass and vocal, Lauren Savoy on guitar and vocal, Frode Unneland on drums and Simone Larsen guest vocals on "Velvet". The album was released on "Warner Brothers" label. The twelth track on the album is not actually listed on the packaging, but was listed on the promo edition as "Fade".

The USA-made CD insert features a black and white art photo of a pair of crossed legs in front of a window (by Bill Brandt from 1951). The Savoy-logo in cream colour and titles in red are printed across the middle. The insert folds out with black and white pictures of Lauren and Frode on one side and Paul on the other. Mary Is Coming
In addition there are two red, orange and yellow blurred abstract shots from the "Velvet"-video on either side. On the side featuring the pictures of Lauren and Frode the tracks are listed across the middle in red while additional text is in white across the top. Additional black, white and red text is printed up the left hand sides of the individual shots. The other side of the insert has the album title written in large white and green letters along the bottom with white, black and red text refering to Pål across the middle. The German backing insert features a red, orange and yellow picture of a hand on guitar strings (taken from the "Velvet" video) and the track listing in white down the left hand side. In addition there is a small and sharper inset picture of Pål's guitar which also looks to be from the "Velvet" video.
The reverse of the backing insert has an orange and yellow `abstract' background with the song lyrics printed all over in small white text. These lyrics can be read through the clear CD tray. The German made CD is black with white Savoy-logo and text in silver along the bottom. The spine of the insert is black with white titles. Mary Is Coming CD
The promo CD comes in a blue and white Warner Brothers sleeve. The bottom section of the sleeve is light blue with an even lighter blue Warner Brothers logo and tracks printed in black over the top. The top of the sleeve is white with small blue Warner Brother logos and titles in black and white. Track 5 of the album is listed as "Half Our's Worth" and the final track is listed as "Fade". Mary Is Coming Promo
The actual promo disc has a similar layout to the sleeve except that the top section of the disc is silver rather than white, the large Warner Brother logo is `missing' and the titles have been arranged differently. Mary Is Coming Promo CD

This album was also available on cassette in Norway. The sleeve is similar to the CD cover and the actual cassette is transparent. The insert does not feature the song lyrics.



Mary Is Coming Japanese with obi-strip The Japanese release comes with a yellow and orange obi-strip with Japanese text in black and dark purple plus the title in light blue. Otherwise the album sleeve is similar to the European release. The promo release has a white sticker on the reverse with the Japanese symbols for "promo" in red. The promo disc as the Japanese promo symbol etched around the centre of the disc.

Mary Is Coming Japanese promo (reverse) with obi-strip   Mary Is Coming Japanese promo - disc


The USA edition of the CD is the same as that released in Europe, except for the absence of lyrics underneath the black CD tray. Mary Is Coming US with promo stamp

The US promo release is the same as the regular release, but has the text "For Promotional use only. Sale or other transfer is prohibited. Must be returned on demand of recording company." stamped in gold capital letters on the front of the sleeve.

Mary Is Coming US Back sleeve   Mary Is Coming US Disc

There is also a US advanced promo CD of "Mary Is Coming". It doesn't come with a front insert and the back insert is white with black text. The disc is plain with black printed text. Unlike the regular release, the hidden track "Fade" is not included on this promo.

Mary Is Coming US advanced promo - Back sleeve and Disc

Tracks: Daylight's Wasting* (2:57) / Tears From A Stone (4:36) / Velvet (4:35) / Foolish* (4:35) / Half An Hour's Worth** (3:13) / Underground (3:50) / Get Up Now (5:17) / Still I'm On Your Side* (4:05) / We Will Never Forget (3:11) / Raise Your Sleepy Head (3:27) / Mary Is Coming (4:42) / Fade (2:50).


Germany   Mary Is Coming Warner 9362-46077-2 (WE 833)
Germany promo Mary Is Coming Warner PROP122 / 9362-46077-2
Japan   Mary Is Coming Warner WPCR-623
USA   Mary Is Coming Warner 9 46077-2
USA advanced promo Mary Is Coming Warner 2-46077-A


Norway Mary Is Coming 9362-46077-4

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