Under (02.02.24 / 15.03.24)

Savoy - Under Savoy released their 10-track album "Under" on 2 February 2024. The album is only available on vinyl in Norway or by download. There are three versions of the LP released, all of which have the same artwork. It is available on black viyl, transparent orange vinyl or yellow / lime transparent vinyl. The CD is released in Norway on 15 March 2024. The front cover features a nighttime shot of what looks like green hils in the foreground with silhouettes of trees in front of a darkening sky by Paul Waaktaar-Savoy. The background is black with the SAVOY logo in large letters across the top and "UNDER" in the same but green font, but upside down along the bottom. The back sleeve is black with the tracks list. It comes with an inner lyric sleeve which is a light khaki green with the lyrics printed in black. The Savoy logo is printed in white overlapping letters at the top with "UNDER" printed in black upside letters overlaid in a less condensed font. There is a white strip under the titles which highlights the track names. Post side of the insert are similar with half the lyrics on each side.

Savoy - Under orange transparent vinyl and inner sleeve (front)

Savoy - Under lime transparent vinyl and inner sleeve (back)

Savoy - Under The LPs are made in Czech Republic. All packaging appear identical except for white stickers on the reverse of the coloured vinyl sleeves over the regular barcode which read "TRANSPARENT ORANGE VINYL - MADE IN CZ" and "TRANSPARENT ORANGE VINYL - MADE IN CZ" respoectively with barcode and long catalogue number. All songs were written by Waaktaar-Savoy. Produced and arranged by Savoy, mixed by Simon Vinestock.

Tracks: Lonely Surfer / Station / Digital River / Pure as Driven Snow / Life and Times of a Wannabe // Under / Coming Down / Camden Palace Chronicles / X Marks the Spot / Lonesome Alone


Norway   Under Eleventeen Records ELR011CD


Norway   Under Eleventeen Records 7041889514427 / ELR011
Norway Transparent orange vinyl Under Eleventeen Records 7041889514403 / ELR011OR
Norway Transparent lime vinyl Under Eleventeen Records 7041889514397 / ELR011YL

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