Savoy - Interviews

Radiospecial (1996)

Savoy radio promo cassette This rare Warner Music Norway radio promo cassette from 1996 features interviews done by Norwegian radio personality Steinar Fjeld and album tracks. The cover is white with a black and white promotional picture of the band. The Savoy logo is printed above the picture with Radiospesial v/Steinar Fjeld 3 Radio ID's Intervju med musikk 24' 15" printed below. The cassette tape is transparent / grey with white text. This release does not have a catalogue number.


  1. Three radio song intros (ID's) featuring all four band members.
  2. Velvet.
  3. Interview (part 1).
  4. Daylight's Wasting.
  5. Interview (part 2).
  6. Tears From A Stone.

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