Xmas Time (Blows My Mind) (12.97)

To coincide with the Christmas market, there is a one-track promotional only CD-single produced which features the otherwise unavailable track "Xmas Time (Blows My Mind)" (4:27). Copies of this CD were given away with sales of "Lackluster Me" during the Christmas period.

The CD comes in a wallet sleeve which features a black and white group shot (Pål, Lauren & Frode). Red and white Santa hats have been drawn on the heads of Pål and Frode. A red speech bubble has been placed next to Pål with the words "Happy Holidays!" on it. The background is white with Savoy written in red in the top right hand corner and the title in black underneath.

Xmas Time (Blows My Mind) CD-Single   Xmas Time (Blows My Mind) CD-Single (Reverse)

Xmas Time (Blows My Mind) CD-Single Disc The reverse of the sleeve is red with white text plus Savoy-logo and title in black. There is an additional white speech bubble again with "Happy Holidays" printed on it but this time the bubble is upside down.

The CD is white with a red Savoy-logo and black titles. Disappearing off the bottom of the CD is Pål's head, still wearing the red Santa hat.


Norway promo Xmas Time (Blows My Mind) EMI 0397

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