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This discography is designed to picture and describe most of the different records, CDs and cassettes released by a-ha (and its individual memebers) in the UK and counterparts released world-wide. Accompanying the detailed description is an alphabetically ordered list of catalogue numbers, details and track listings of releases (regular, limited and promotional) known to exist world-wide. We have also included names of some of the many people that have worked with the members of a-ha to produce and remix some of the songs. Variations in sleeve design and track listings are the main focus of this discography. We also hope to end speculation concerning the existence of some releases. However, there are too many world-wide releases to possibly mention them all in detail and indeed we do not claim to be able to do this!

The discography will follow the single releases in chronological order, picturing the basic UK releases and the variations including foreign releases, promo items and limited editions. Similar and slight variations will be described as fully as possible depending on the availability of the information. Each foreign release will be compared to the UK release and any differences will be noted. If there are no differences mentioned, as far as we know the release is the same as the UK release. The tracks featured on each single are album versions unless otherwise stated, in which case the time of the song (taken from the time printed on the release or the CD time if available, so may vary slightly from release to release) will be quoted in brackets. There tend to be more limited editions released in England than in the rest of Europe; but as many of them are made in Germany (but not necessarily available in Germany) it is not always clear if they are available outside England; so we will just list them once under UK releases. Album releases and other related projects (including collaborations, cover versions and unofficial releases) will be listed in a similar fashion.

For each UK release, the date of release is given in brackets after the title - this is in day/month/year format. For all releases that weren't available in the UK, the date in brackets is the release date for the particular country.

All releases are on "Warner Brothers Records" or "Reprise Records" (a division of Warner Brothers) labels unless where noted.

We have decided not to include estimated collector prices for mint conditions of any record. This is due to the fact that the price setting may vary from country to country and therefore it is impossible to set a correct price value. We also do not want to set a price that in some cases may raise the price. It's the collectors market that should decide, not a price listing. However, it's no secret that the most rare records can be very expensive to obtain, for instance the Bridges - Fakkeltog LP or the first vinyl edition of Take On Me. Special and limited editions may also be expensive to obtain in some instances.

This discography does not claim to be complete and any additional information (with pictures if possible) would be much appreciated for future improvements.

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