Apparatjik - Electric Eye (30.11.2009 / 08.02.2010)

Apparatjik - Electric Eye Apparatjik released the download single "Electric Eye" (09:16). The artwork is white with yellow rectangular shapes plus green, red, blue and pink graphical illustrations with the scales of the graphs drawn around the outside. The title is printed up the side of one of the scales with Apparatjik printed along the bottom one.

Apparatjik - Electric Eye vinyl (front and back)

In 2010, Apparatjik released, via their website and limited to 1000 copies, a 7" vinyl of "Antlers" backed with "Electric Eye". The front of the sleeve is white with a black circular 'mathematical shape'. "Apparatjik" is printed in red at the top with "Electric Eye" in red at the bottom. The back of the sleeve is white with a triangular flow diagram with Math, Matter and Mind. At the bottom of the sleeve, the following text is printed "thank you to prof. Max Tegmark for allowing us to continue his research in our specific areas of expertise. The disc labels feature multicoloured pixels and titles in white. The Antlers (A-side) features tones of pinks, purples and greys while the Electric Eye (AA-side) features tones of yellows, blues and greens.

Apparatjik - Electric Eye vinyl labels


Apparatjik - Electric Eye /


Apparatjik - Antlers / Electric Eye /

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