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Welcome to the web discography for the Norwegian artist, Magne Furuholmen - music composer, graphic artist and keyboard player with the band a-ha. Until recently, Magne's main musical work outside a-ha was a collaboration with keyboard player Kjetil Bjerkestrand under the name "Timbersound". More recently, Magne has released his own solo album in Norway and the UK and is more commonly known as Magne F. This discography includes descriptions and pictures of Magne releases and collaborations. Follow the links to the separate discography of a-ha and other related projects.

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Apparatjik - Square Peg In A Round Hole On 11.11.11, Apparatjik, the band consisting of Guy Berryman (Coldplay), Jonas Bjerre (MEW), Magne F (a-ha) and producer Martin Terefe, released the first issue of their world magazine, an app for iPads with video, pictures and random clips. It also includes the new 12-track album "Square Peg In A Round Hole".

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