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Many thanks go to the following people who have helped with this mammoth project. If you have helped and your name has not been mentioned, my mistake, please mail me at: suzie at btinternet com (replace the " at " with @ - written in full like this to help prevent spam). I will acknowledge all e-mails, so if you don't receive a response after a few days, please re-send the message as your mail could be caught up in the large amount of spam sent to this address, thanks!

A special big thank you to Ian Chapman for the massive amount of updates he has sent me over the past few months, I am still working my way through them.
Carl Oscar Alsén (Sweden) *
Joaquin Nazar Anchorena (Argentina)
Lea Anthony (Wales)
Stig M Aure
Jana V. Baird (USA)
Stéphanie Barth (France)
Tony Barton (UK)
Meike Beier (Germany)
John Berge (Norway)
Oliver Besser (Germany) *
Christian Blum (Brazil)
Andreas Boettcher (Germany)
Maurice Bongarts (The Netherlands)
Andrew Bowes (UK) *
Amie Brown (USA)
Christian Bücking (Germany)
Ron Buczko (The Netherlands)
Paul Campbell (UK)
Susanna Carlisi (Canada)
Michelle Chan (Hong Kong)
Ian Chapman (UK) **
Sabine Clement (Belgium)
Jeremy Clowe (USA)
Kristian Coll (Germany)
Paul Corbeel
Jane Dale (England)
Lisa Darling (USA)
Glyn Davies (UK)
Wouter De Jong (The Netherlands)
Denis Denisov (Russia)
Patrick Despierres (France)
Regina Dobiasovsky (Austria)
Valéry Dulait (France)
Bertil Dyrnes (Norway)
Patrick Esser (Germany)
Demetrios Fakinos (Greece)
Christer Falck (Norway)
Maurice Fernandez (Germany?)
Martin Ferrari (Argentina)
Selina Fiander-Lewis (UK) *
Arnd Fricke (Germany)
Tomiaki Furukawa (Japan) *
Alexander Giannini (Germany -
Michael Gee (Australia)
Danilo Glaser (Germany) *
Darren Gray (England) *
Øystein Hagerup (Norway)
Jason Harrington (USA)
Mathew Herwig (USA)
Kenedict Ho (Singapore) *
Chris Hopkins (UK)
Luke Jackson (England / Canada)
Jaran Jensen (Norway)
Richard Johnson (USA)
Teddy Kim
Jo Kitchen
Kong Kok Keong (Singapore)
Peter Kragh (Denmark)
Koen Kroeze (The Netherlands)
Yvonne Kühnel (Germany)
Steve Kurylo (USA) *
Patrick Labi (France) *
Monika L
Nathalie Lacroux (France)
Gabriel Lament (France)
Peter Lang (Australia)
Fanny Lay (France)
Laurent Leduc (France)
Frauke Ling
Peter Losher (USA)
Geir Luedy (Norway)
Tom Lundgreen
Frédéric Lurkin (Belgium)
Carlos Macia (Spain)
Chris MacGibbon
Claudio E. Marin B. (Chile)
Cécile Martin (Norway)
Anke Maurer (Norway)
Brian Mc Clintock (N. Ireland)
Karsten Meiner (Germany)
Andre' Mes (South Africa)
Carolina Moraru (Moldova)
Wesley Myers (USA) *
John Petter Mørk (Norway)
Narve Nicolaysen (Norway)
Daniel, Orihuela (Peru?)
Caterina Quaglia (Italy)
Stephen Paxton (UK) *
Perryanne (USA)
Dennis Pieters (The Netherlands)
Roman Pisarenko (Belarus)
Robert Rice
Duco Risselada (The Netherlands)
Rune Sæterstøl (Norway)
Patrik Schneeloch (Germany)
Enrico Schwabach (Germany) *
Brigitte Schwarz (Germany) *
Jakob Sekse (Norway) *
Catherine Sexton (USA)
Zbyszek Sitek (Poland) *
Dan Skorpen (Norway)
Francois Sonneville (France)
Gertjan Stamer (The Netherlands)
Frans Steins (The Netherlands) *
P.A. Stenersen (Norway) *
Kjetil Stensland (Norway)
Giacomo Stoppioni (Italy)
Barnaby Strong (UK)
Andrew Sulzberger (Australia) *
Col Taylor (England)
Roelant van de Riet (The Netherlands)
Claudia van Tilburg (The Netherlands)
Jeff Tomlinson (Canada?)
Sandrine Valaers
Alexei Varlamov (Russia)
Dmitry Vavilov (Russia)
Arjan Verhoeven (The Netherlands) *
Miranda Verweij-Platell (The Netherlands)
Olivier Vincent (Belgium)
Mark Walters (England) *
Oliver Weiser (Germany)
Evi W (Italy) *
Jenny Westermann (Germany)
John Whitford-Lowe (Australia)
Roelant van de Riet (The Netherlands)
Jan van Wyk (South Africa)
Isabel Cristina Xavier (Brazil)
Asia (Poland)
Fardad Salami
Fred (France)
Locust (Norway)
Maurice (Israel)
Normann (Germany)
Piotr (Poland)
Ralf (Germany)
Roberto (Argentina)
Sarai (Mexico)
Tomás (Argentina)
Obsidian (Germany)
Whiteless Records (Germany)

* my special thanks goes to these people for their extra hard work and help.

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