Hermetic (15.12.98 / 04.01.99)

Hermetic limited edition   Hermetic limited edition CD

"Hermetic" is the latest release by Magne Furuholmen and Kjetil Bjerkestrand. It is the soundtrack to Karin Julsrud's Norwegian horror movie "1732 Høtten" (Bloody Angels). It features Freddie Wadling on vocals on some of the tracks.

Hermetic limited edition envelope

This album was available in Norway on 15th December '98 as a special limited edition. It comes in a hermetically sealed lead cover with "HERMETIC" stamped in the centre. The cover opens to reveal the CD between protective sheets. The disc is yellow with black art by Magne. Only 100 copies were produced and each cover was hand made and signed by Magne. Kjetil put together the music, a unique music composition for each CD and recorded them onto the discs himself. This limited edition comes in a large white strong envelope with a black sticker in the centre. The sticker warns of the lead content.

The regular version of the album comes in a maroon coloured digi-pak. Both the cover and insides of the digi-pak feature white and black abstract designs by Kim Hiortøy.

Hermetic   Hermetic CD

The only text on the sleeve is the title "furuholmen / bjerkestrand / wadling" "Hermetic" in respectively black and white letters on the front and spine. There is also some black text printed on one of the white abstract shapes in the centre of the digi-pak. It has the title, details of the album contributions plus tracks which are simply refered to as "solve et coagula 01-12".

The actual disc is matt black with a small white shiny abstract shape printed at the top. Otherwise the disc is completely plain.


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