Velvet (13.05.96)

The CD single of "Velvet" was released in the UK several months after it was first released in Norway. The cover has an orangy yellow, slightly out of focus picture of a hand on guitar strings. The reverse of the insert has an orangy yellow picture of Pal's middle, holding a guitar. The tracks are printed in light blue across the other with additional text in blue and white.

Velvet CD-Single   Velvet CD-Single Disc

The German made CD is orange with the silver Savoy logo at the top plus the title in yellow underneath. The track list is in yellow and silver at the bottom of the disc.

There are two slightly different pressings of this single, the first has the correct track order on the inner sleeve, but incorrect band list:
Velvet (single mix) 4:38, October (non-LP track) 3:40, Velvet (Greene Street Mix) 4:37 Band set-up: Paul Savoy (guitar/vocals), Lorraine Savoy (bass/vocals) and Roland David (drums).

The second print has incorrect track order (and missing track lengths) but has a more correct band list:
Velvet (album version), Velvet (Green Street Mix) October (non-LP track) Band set-up: Paul Savoy (guitar/vocals), Lauren Savoy (guitar/vocals), Frode Unneland (drums) Greg Calvert (bass)

Both editions fail to mention D'Sound vocalist Simone Larsen as the backing singer.



Velvet was released to radio stations in the U.S. The promo release comes in a jewel case without a front sleeve, but with a back insert. The insert is grey with a large WB logo in the background. The title is printed in black letters in the centre of the sleeve with "Promotion Only - Not For Sale" priinted in the top right corner. The disc is silver with black text. It features only two tracks: The edit version (3:45) and the album version (4:35) of Velvet.

Velvet US promo back insert and disc


Germany 1st press Velvet (Single Mix) / October (Non-LP track) / Velvet (Greene Street Mix) Warner 936 243 653-2
Germany 2nd press Velvet (Single Mix) / October (Non-LP track) / Velvet (Greene Street Mix) Warner 936 243 653-2
USA promo Velvet (Edit) / Velvet (Album Version) Warner PRO-CD 8077

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