Farewell Tour press pack 2010 (2010)

Farewell Tour press pack 2010 This 2010 press release for the farewell tour includes an 8 page press pack with tour dates and interviews. It comes with a 20 track live radio broadcast from the show at Moviestar Arena in Santago, Chile "An evening with a-ha exclusiva" plus cue sheet. It is not confirmed if this is an official item or not.

Tracks: The bandstand / Foot of the mountain / Analogue / Forever not yours / Minor earth, major sky / Move to Memphis / The blood Farewell Tour press pack 2010 - disc that moves the body / Stay on these roads / The living daylights / Early morning / Crying in the rain / Scoundrel days / Manhattan Skyline / I�ve been losing you / We�re looking for the whales / Cry wolf / Train of thought / Hunting high and low / The sun always shines on TV / Take on me)


Chile Farewell tour press pack 2010

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