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Take On Me
Love Is Reason
The Sun Always Shines On T.V.
Train Of Thought
Living A Boy's Adventure Tale
Hunting High And Low
I've Been Losing You
Cry Wolf
Maybe Maybe
Manhattan Skyline
The Living Daylights
Stay On These Roads
The Blood That Moves The Body
There's Never A Forever Thing
You Are The One
Crying In The Rain
I Call Your Name
Early Morning
Waiting For Her
Move To Memphis
The Blood That Moves The Body '92
Dark Is The Night
Lie Down In Darkness
Shapes That Go Together
Summer Moved On
Minor Earth | Major Sky
The Sun Never Shone That Day
Minor Earth, Major Box
Forever Not Yours
Did Anyone Approach You?
The Sun Always Shines On T.V. (live)
Analogue (All I want)
Cosy Prisons
Foot Of The Mountain
Nothing Is Keeping You Here
Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)
Summer Moved On (live)
Under The Makeup
The Wake
Forest Fire
Cast In Steel
Objects In The Mirror
Take On Me Record Store 2015
Take On Me (2017 Acoustic)
Take On Me (2019 release)
I'm In
You Have What It Takes


Hunting High And Low
45 R.P.M.
Twelve Inch Club
Scoundrel Days
Scoundrel Club
Stay On These Roads
Road Club
On Tour In Brazil
East Of The Sun West Of The Moon
Best In Brazil
a-ha en Argentina
Headlines And Deadlines
Memorial Beach
The Selections
Minor Earth | Major Sky
Single Remixes
a-ha Tour Brasil
How Can I Sleep With Your Voice In My Head
The Swing Of Things Book / The Demo Tapes
The Singles 1984 - 2004
The Definitive Singles Collection 1984|2004
Foot Of The Mountain
Hunting High And Low Deluxe Edition
Scoundrel Days Deluxe Edition
Farewell Tour Press Pack
Ending On A High Note
Cast In Steel
Hunting High And Low 30th Anniversary
Stay On These Roads Deluxe Edition
East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon Deluxe Edition
Memorial Beach Deluxe Edition
Time And Again
Hits South America Record Store 2016
MTV Unplugged Summer Solstice / Acoustic Hits MTV Unplugged
Hunting High And Low Clear Vinyl
Hunting High And Low the early alternative mixes
Minor Earth | Major Sky Deluxe Edition
Lifelines Deluxe Edition
Hunting High And Low Expanded Edition
Greatest Hits - Japanese Singles Collection
True North
Hunting High And Low Super Deluxe Box set
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