Greatest Hits - Japanese Singles Collection (26/02/2020)

On 26 February, a-ha release a greatest hits compilation CD (19 track) and DVD collection of music videos "Greatest Hits - Japanese Singles Collection" in Japan. It was due to coicide with their planned tour of Japan. The Japanese leg of the tour is unfortunately cancelled.

The album comes in a slimline double CD case with paper obi strip. The cover of the booklet features small colour pictures of the covers of the Japanese a-ha releases. In the centre of the front sleeve is a black rectangle with the a-ha logo in silver and the title in small red and white letters below. The 48-page booklet features larger colour shots of each release followed by the song lyrics in English and Japanese. The CD is off-white with titles in grey and the DVD is red with white titles. The inside of the back insert is black covered in small grey a-ha logos printed in diagonal lines.

The a-ha logo is printed in large grey letters in the bottom right with the title in red and white smaller letters below. The back insert features two large white rectangles on a black background. In the left hand one, the CD tracks are printed in Japanese with English text stating which album it is taken from. Next to each track is a small picture of the cover of the release. The right hand rectangle has the list of music videos in Japanese, again with English information underneath stating which album the track comes from.

The CD features edits of some of the singles, including the US "edit version" of "Stay On These Roads" and the radio "single mix" of "Forever Not Yours". The DVD features the same music videos as that which came with the delux release of "25".

The release comes with a red rectangular sticker on the front with the planned Japanese tour dates printed in white Japanese letters.

Tracks - CD: Take On Me / The Sun Always Shines On TV (Single Mix) / Train Of Thought (Remix) / Hunting High And Low (Remix) / I’ve Been Losing You / Cry Wolf / Manhattan Skyline (Edit Version) / The Living Daylights / Stay On These Roads (Edit Version) / The Blood That Moves The Body / Touchy! (UK DJ Edit) / You Are The One (Remix) / Crying In The Rain / Waiting For Her / Move To Memphis (Single Version) / Dark Is The Night For All / Shapes That Go Together / Summer Moved On (Radio Edit) / Forever Not Yours (Single Mix)

Tracks - DVD: Take On Me (1985 version) / The Sun Always Shines On T.V. / I've Been Losing You (Original Version) / Manhattan Skyline / Stay On These Roads / Crying In The Rain (Alternative Cut) / Dark Is The Night For All ("Banned Version") / Move To Memphis / Shapes That Go Together / Angel In The Snow / Summer Moved On / Minor Earth Major Sky / Lifelines / Did Anyone Approach You? / Velvet (European Cut) / Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah) / Bonus Video: Take On Me (1984 Version)

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