Uncomfirmed Single Releases

There are several other single releases which have been listed but due to limited information or lack of catalogue numbers, I have decided not to list them in the main section. Some of these releases, like the Polish `postcard' records I believe to be unofficial releases. However, these items are listed here for the sake of completeness. If you can confirm existance of any of these releases or you know of any single releases which I have failed to list, please drop me (Suzie) an e-mail to suzie at a-hadiscography.co.uk. Please note that `country' refers to the country of manufacture rather than country of distribution unless the release has been specifically manufactured in one country for sole distribution in another. More information on identifying country of manufacture can be found here.

7"-releases- sleeves unknown

Title Type Country Other Notes
Train Of Thought 7" promo UK features "Radio Edit" of title track
The Blood That Moves The Body 7" Test Pressing Holland  

Postcard Records

Title Type Country
I've Been Losing You 7" postcard   Poland
Cry Wolf 7" postcard Poland
Maybe Maybe 7" postcard Poland
Manhattan Skyline 7" postcard Poland
We're Looking For The Whales 7" postcard Poland
The Weight Of The Wind 7" postcard Poland
The Living Daylights 7" postcard Poland
Stay On These Roads 7" postcard Poland
The Blood That Moves The Body 7" postcard Poland
You Are The One 7" postcard Poland


Title Type Country Other Notes
You Are The One 12" The Philippines  

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