Lie Down In Darkness (28.09.93)

This American only release is available on promo CD and cassette single. The 1-track promotional 5" CD comes features the album version (4:32).

It comes in a jewel case without a regular sleeve but with a backing insert similar to the ones for "Crying In The Rain" and "Dark Is The Night" U.S. promotional CD-singles.

The disc is silver with black titles.

Lie Down In Darkness USA Promo 5" CD
Lie Down In Darkness USA Promo CD

The cassette single comes in a picture card sleeve which the cassette slides into. The front has a black and white picture of a woman lying on a bed at the top with the title in white and a-ha-logo in brown underneath. The reverse has top half light brown with a picture of a locust in white and bottom half black with white titles. The spines are both white with a brown strip with the title written in white and a black a-ha-logo. The cassette is black with white text and has "Lie Down In Darkness" (album version) on one side and the live version of "I Call Your Name" from the "Live in South America" video on the other side. Lie Down In Darkness USA Cassette Single


USA 5" promo Lie Down In Darkness PRO-CD-6531

Cassette Single

USA Lie Down In Darkness // I Call Your Name (live) 9 18338-4

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