There's Never A Forever Thing (1989)

This was available in Brazil as a promo only 12". The A-side features the tracks "There's Never A Forever Thing" (2:59) plus Guns N' Roses - "Patience" (5:52). On the B-side is Depeche Mode - "Everything Counts" (6:23) plus Noel - "Change" (4:10).

It has a "WEA" cover unique to the release. The top half is a dark purple blue with large yellow "A-HA" logo, "There�s Never A Forever Thing" and other text. The bottom half is opposite with respect to the colouring as the background is yellow with the "Guns N' Roses" and "Patience" text written in dark purple blue. The reverse of the sleeve is similar but advertises "Depeche Mode: Everything Counts" and "Noel: Change".

There's Never A Forever Thing Brazilian Promo 12" (front and back)


Brazil promo There's Never A Forever Thing / Guns N' Roses - Patience // Depeche Mode - Everything Counts / Noel - Change 6WP 1028

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