Morten Harket Tracks

This is a new section giving a list of all known 'official' tracks which feature Morten Harket (excluding a-ha tracks). These include tracks from Morten's solo albums and singles, collaborations including tracks where Morten is featured on backing vocals. More information can be found by clicking the appropriate link to the releases which feature the track. The track lengths are shown in brackets after the track name. The final column indicates whether or not the track is available on CD. If the track is not available on CD, the last column shows the format on which the track exists. Please contact me at suzie at (replace the " at " with @ - written in full like this to help prevent spam) with details of any other official mixes which are missing from the list.

A Change Is Gonna Come (5:57) A Kind Of Christmas CardCD
A Jester In Our Town (3:56) Sophie's WorldCD
A Kind Of Christmas Card (4:06) Wild SeedCD
A Kind Of Christmas Card (Single Edit) (3:50) A Kind Of Christmas CardCD
All Of You Concerned (4:21) Darkspace (You're With Me)CD
A Name Is A Name (3:02) Letter From EgyptCD
Anyone (4:41) Letter From EgyptCD
Brodsky Tune (4:23) Wild Seed
Los Angeles
Burn Money Burn (3:54) Out Of My HandsCD
Can't Take My Eyes Off You (3:44) ConeheadsCD
Darkspace (3:46) Letter From Egypt
Darkspace (You're With Me)
Den Fremmede (3:30) Poetenes EvangeliumCD
Den Fremmede Taler Til Mennesket (3:47) Poetenes EvangeliumCD
Den Stilleste Timen (4:00) Dugnad for Haiti - Den Stilleste TimenCD
Det Er Ennå Tid (4:25) Det Er Ennå Tid7", Cass
East-Timor (4:12) Wild SeedCD
Elisabet Synger Ved Johannes Døperens Død (3:22) Poetenes EvangeliumCD
Engelen (3:58) Poetenes EvangeliumCD
Evig Ung (3:14) Kom Ut Og Lek!CD
Fra Templet (2:44) Poetenes EvangeliumCD
Fremmed Her (4:30) Vogts VilaCD
Gammal Og Vis (4:18) Vogts VilaCD
Garden Of Love / Kar Sa Myon (4:23) Songs Across Walls of SeparationCD
Gildas Prayer (Album Version) (4:28) Gildas PrayerCD
Gildas Prayer (Gulli's Edit) (3:14) Gildas PrayerCD
Gildas Prayer (Radio Remix) (3:38) Gildas PrayerCD
Gildas Prayer (Source Mix) (4:22) Gildas PrayerCD
Girl (3:37) Spanish StepsCD
Half In Love (4:47) Wild SeedCD
Half In Love Half In Hate (4:45) Wild SeedCD
Han Er Min Sang Og Min Glede (4:42) PerleportenCD
Heaven's Not For Saints [Let It Go] (3:28) Heaven's Not For Saints [Let It Go]CD
Heaven's Not For Saints [Let It Go] (Instrumental) (3:28) Heaven's Not For Saints [Let It Go]CD
Herre I Drømmen (4:15) Vogts Vila
Herre I Drømmen
Himmelske Danser (4:16) Vogts VilaCD
Hvor Krybben Stod (3:15) Poetenes EvangeliumCD
Hymme Til Josef (5:03) Poetenes EvangeliumCD
Hymne Til Kj&oaelig;rleiken (6:55) Missa Caritatis
Salig Blanding
I'm The One (3:25) Out Of My HandsCD
I'm The One (Alternative Version) (3:34) I'm The OneCD
I'm The One (Single Version) (3:40) I'm The OneCD
Jeg Kjenner Ingen Fremtid (5:40) Vogts VilaCD
Jungle Of Beliefs (3:36) Cultures Spans The World
Jungle Of Beliefs
Musikalske Fasetter
Just Believe It (3:31) Out Of My HandsCD
Kamilla og Sebastian (3:32) Kamilla Og Tyven
Musikalske Fasetter
Kamilla og Tyven (3:34) Kamilla Og TyvenCD
Keep The Sun Away (3:22) Out Of My HandsCD
Kråkevisa (4:36) Kvirre Virre Vitt!CD
Lay Me Down Tonight (2:17) Wild Seed
A Kind Of Christmas Card
Letter From Egypt (5:26) Letter From EgyptCD
Lightning (3:56) Out Of My HandsCD
Listening (4:55) Out Of My HandsCD
Lord (3:46) Wild SeedCD
Lord (Single Mix) (3:52) Spanish StepsCD
Los Angeles (4:26) Wild Seed
Los Angeles
Lyser Når Du Drar (3:58) Vogts VilaCD
Me Slår Framfor Oss Krossen Din (2:09) Nå Lukker Seg Mitt ØyeCD
Merciful Waters (4:15) Frozen Feelings
Merciful Waters
Millimeter (5:15) MillimeterCD
Mitt Hjerte Alltid Vanker (4:05) Sølvguttene Synger Julen InnCD
Movies (3:54) Letter From Egypt
Natten (3:16) Poetenes EvangeliumCD
Never Hear That Laugh (5:04) Songs From The PocketCD
Out Of My Hands (3:38) Out Of My HandsCD
Påske (4:02) Poetenes EvangeliumCD
Piya (6:22) Daur-e-JunoonCD
Quiet (4:23) Out Of My HandsCD
Ready To Go Home (4:33) Wild SeedCD
Rytteren (3:02) Poetenes EvangeliumCD
Salome (3:48) Poetenes EvangeliumCD
Sanctus (4:37) Missa CaritatisCD
Scared Of Heights (3:25) Out Of My HandsCD
Scared Of Heights (Stockholm Version) (3:25) Scared Of HeightsCD
Slanted Floor (3:18) Letter From EgyptCD
Send Me An Angel (3:46) Letter From EgyptCD
Shooting Star (3:55) Letter From EgyptCD
Should The Rain Fall (4:35) Letter From EgyptCD
Søndag Morgen (3:18) Vogts VilaCD
Spanish Steps (4:07) Wild Seed
Spanish Steps
Stay (3:29) Wild SeedCD
Sviket (3:55) Poetenes EvangeliumCD
Taksameteret Går (4:28) Vogts VilaCD
The One You Are (3:42) Letter From EgyptCD
There Are Many Ways To Die (4:11)Letter From EgyptCD
Tell Me What You See (4:50) Wild SeedCD
Tilbake Til Livet (4:10) Vogts VilaCD
Tilbake Til Livet (Single Edit) (3:59) Tilbake Til LivetCD
Undecided (3:43) Out Of My HandsCD
Vuggevise (2:39) Vogts VilaCD
We'll Never Speak Again (4:21)Letter From EgyptCD
We'll Never Speak Again (radio edit) (3:43)We'll Never Speak AgainCD
When I Reached The Moon (3:53) Out Of My HandsCD
Where You Are (4:11) Silje
It Takes Two
Wild Seed (4:48) Wild Seed
Los Angeles
With You - With Me (3:48) Letter From EgyptCD

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