Magne Furuholmen Tracks

This is a new section giving a list of all known 'official' tracks which feature Magne Furuholmen (excluding a-ha tracks). These include all collaborations including Bridges. More information can be found by clicking the appropriate link to the releases which feature the track. The track lengths are shown in brackets after the track name. All tracks listed below are available on CD except for the tracks on the Bridges album Fakkeltog which can be found only on LP. Please contact me at suzie at (replace the " at " with @ - written in full like this to help prevent spam) with details of any other official mixes which are missing from the list.

2CU Shine (3:00)Past Perfect Future Tense
A Friend Like Me (2:36)Past Perfect Future Tense
All Is Changed (Resonance) (1:15) Dragonfly
All The Time (4:22)Past Perfect Future Tense
And Now We Are Here (2:01) Dragonfly
A Room For Thought (3:25) Hotel Oslo
Avslutningstema (2:32) Ti Kniver I Hjertet
Barneselskap (Lyckliga Gatan) (2:51) Ti Kniver I Hjertet
Blå Bakgård (0:42) Ti Kniver I Hjertet
Blindebukk (1:37) Ti Kniver I Hjertet
City View (1:22) Hotel Oslo
Close Your Eyes (2:07) Dragonfly
Con Sordino (1:06) Hotel Oslo
Corridor (2:04) Hotel Oslo
Death Of The Century (2:59) Fakkeltog
Den Blinde Pianostemmeren (2:19) Ti Kniver I Hjertet
Dialog (1:51) Ti Kniver I Hjertet
Dialog II (1:40) Ti Kniver I Hjertet
Divided We Fall (2:14) Fakkeltog
Dot Of BlacknessMySpace
Dragonfly (3:38) Dragonfly
Dragonfly (London Calling) (3:29)Øyenstikker
Dragonfly (Video) (3:38) Dragonfly
Ein Strek - Nokon Fargar Solan, Ludvig Og Gurin Med Reverompa
Envelop Me (3:30)Past Perfect Future Tense
Every Mortal Night (3:22) Fakkeltog
Far Og Sønn (1:52) Ti Kniver I Hjertet
Farvel Til Johnny (0:43) Ti Kniver I Hjertet
Franks Tema (1:58) Ti Kniver I Hjertet
Freddie S Hymn: Ismael Sea Of Blood (3:09) Hotel Oslo
Gjensyn Med Johnny (1:07) Ti Kniver I Hjertet
Grå Det Gode Selskab
Guest On Earth (3:23) Fakkeltog
Guttestreker (0:49) Ti Kniver I Hjertet
Half Remembering, Half Trying To Forget (4:33) Hotel Oslo
I Remember You (2:17) Hotel Oslo
In The Hands Of Fools (4:33) Hotel Oslo
In The Hands Of Fools (Single Edit) (4:02) In The Hands Of Fools
Kryptonite (4:25)Past Perfect Future Tense
Kryptonite (Rough Mix)MySpace
Kryptonite (Michi Peter Radio Cut) (3:30)Kryptonite
Kryptonite (Video)Kryptonite
Little Angels (2:52)Past Perfect Future Tense
Lyckliga Gatan (Anna Lena Löfgren) (3:35) Ti Kniver I Hjertet
May The Last Dance Be Mine (2:33) Fakkeltog
Moths (Now I Recall) (0:50) Dragonfly
När Jag För Mig Själv I Mörka Skogen Gär (Jussi Björling) (2:45) Ti Kniver I Hjertet
Never Sweeter (2:53)Past Perfect Future Tense
No One Gets Me But You (5:03)Past Perfect Future Tense
No One Gets Me But You (Remix)
Nothing Here To Hold You (5:13)Past Perfect Future Tense
Obsolete (3:47)Past Perfect Future Tense
One Small Glance Across The Shoulder, And... (2:02) Dragonfly
Otto I Regnet (0:59) Ti Kniver I Hjertet
Ottos Tema (1:46) Ti Kniver I Hjertet
Past Perfect Future Tense (3:27)Past Perfect Future Tense
Past Perfect Future Tense (sample tracks) (5:02)Past Perfect Future Tense
Pavilion Of The Luxuriant Trees (2:35) Fakkeltog
Perfect Circle (1:37)Past Perfect Future Tense
Running Out Of ReasonsMySpace
Scared, Bewildered, Wild (1:38) Fakkeltog
September (5:19) Fakkeltog
Shaft Man (2:03) Hotel Oslo
Sleep, Maria (0:56) Dragonfly
Solve Et Coagula 01 Hermetic
Solve Et Coagula 02 Hermetic
Solve Et Coagula 03 Hermetic
Solve Et Coagula 04 Hermetic
Solve Et Coagula 05 Hermetic
Solve Et Coagula 06 Hermetic
Solve Et Coagula 07 Hermetic
Solve Et Coagula 08 Hermetic
Solve Et Coagula 09 Hermetic
Solve Et Coagula 09 (remix)Love Comes Shining Over The Mountains
Solve Et Coagula 10 Hermetic
Solve Et Coagula 11 Hermetic
Solve Et Coagula 12 Hermetic
Somebody's Going Away (3:01) Fakkeltog
Styrkepröven (1:09) Ti Kniver I Hjertet
Swimming In Silence (Twice) (3:48) Dragonfly
The City Breathes A Stinking Rhythm (3:16) Hotel Oslo
The Melancolic Chevaliers (3:00)Fakkeltog
The Oncoming Of Day (instrumantal) (2:07) Fakkeltog
The Oncoming Of Night (instrumental) (0:47) Fakkeltog
The Postcard You Never Sent: Greetings From Hotel Oslo (3:29) Hotel Oslo
The Stranger's Town (9:58) Fakkeltog
The Vacant (3:30) Fakkeltog
This Small Favour That I Ask (1:55) Dragonfly
Ti Kniver I Hjertet (Ottos Tema) (4:39) Ti Kniver I Hjertet
Ti Kniver I Hjertet (Ottos Tema)
Tjernet (2:31) Ti Kniver I Hjertet
Tonerna (Jussi Björling) (3:17) Ti Kniver I Hjertet
Vagrants (1:56) Fakkeltog
Vaktmester Wiik (2:32) Ti Kniver I Hjertet
Wash Her Off Your Hands Wash Her Off Your Hands
We'll Never Speak Again City View II (6:50) Hotel Oslo
We'll Never Speak Again
White Walls, A Door And A Window (1:08) Hotel Oslo
Witchi Tai To The Sharp Canopies Of Your Broken Heart (4:07) Hotel Oslo
You Don't Have To Change (3:18)Past Perfect Future Tense

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