Paul Waaktaar Tracks

This is a new section giving a list of all known 'official' tracks which feature Paul Waaktaar (excluding a-ha and Bridges tracks). These include tracks from Paul's solo project, Savoy, and collaborations including tracks where Paul is featured on backing vocals. More information can be found by clicking the appropriate link to the releases which feature the track. The track lengths are shown in brackets after the track name. The final column indicates whether or not the track is available on CD. If the track is not available on CD, the last column shows the format on which the track exists. Please contact me at suzie at (replace the " at " with @ - written in full like this to help prevent spam) with details of any other official mixes which are missing from the list.

A Month Of Sundays (by Savoy)4:00See The Beauty On Your Home TownCD
Against The Sun (by Savoy)3:52Reasons To Stay IndoorsCD
Ancient Arches (by Waaktaar & Zoe)3:24World Of TroubleCD
Any Other Way (by Savoy)4:34Mountains Of TimeCD
Any Other Way (Vinyl Edit) (by Savoy)4:09Mountains Of Time Re-issueCD
Barefoot In A Denim Jacket (2007) (by Savoy)4:11Savoy Songbook Vol. 1 (2007)CD
Beautiful Burnout (by Waaktaar & Zoe)3:55World Of TroubleCD
Best Western Beauty (2007) (by Savoy)3:57Savoy Songbook Vol. 1 (2007)
Best Western Beauty promo single
Better Without You (by Linnea Dale)3:37Good GoodbyesCD
Bottomless Pit (by Savoy)2:55Mountains Of Time
Star "I'm Not Stupid Baby" promo single
Savoy Songbook Vol. 1 (1994-2004)
Bovine (by Savoy)3:35SavoyCD
Break It Gently (by Savoy)2:54Mountains Of TimeCD
Bump (by Savoy)2:35See The Beauty On Your Home TownCD
Butt Out (by Savoy)2:53Lackluster Me
Rain promo single
Cyna (by Savoy)3:09SavoyCD
D.A.R. (Instrumental) (by Savoy)2:37Reasons To Stay IndoorsCD
Dance With The World (by Y Me)3:20Dance With The World7"
Daylight's Wasting (by Savoy)2:57Mary Is Coming
Savoy Songbook Vol. 1 (1994-2004)
Easy (by Savoy)3:23Lackluster MeCD
Empty Of Feeling (by Savoy)3:34SavoyCD
Empty Of Feeling (Edit) (by Savoy)3:18Empty Of Feeling promo singleCD
Empty Of Feeling (Edit) (by Savoy)3:26Savoy Songbook Vol. 1 (1994-2004)CD
End Of The Line (by Savoy)4:24Mountains Of Time
Savoy Songbook Vol. 1 (1994-2004)
End Of The Line (Remix) (by Savoy)4:05Man In The Park promo singleCD
End Of The Line (Vinyl Edit) (by Savoy)3:58Mountains Of Time Re-issueCD
Ensom Leter (by Hågen Rørmark)3:48Alt Eller IngentingDownload
Everyone / Everyone Can Say They're Sorry (by Savoy)4:44Mountains Of Time
Mountains Of Time Re-issue
Face (by Savoy)4:47Reasons To Stay Indoors
Savoy Songbook Vol. 1 (1994-2004)
Fade (by Savoy)2:50Mary Is ComingCD
Falls Park (by Savoy)3:33See The Beauty On Your Home TownCD
Far Away (by Infuze)4:42Far AwayDownload
Fearlist (by Savoy)4:51Reasons To Stay Indoors
Savoy Songbook Vol. 1 (1994-2004)
Feels Good (To Be This Way) (by Savoy)3:35Mountains Of Time bonus discCD
Five Million Years (by Savoy)4:05Reasons To Stay IndoorsCD
Five Million Years (Promo Edit) (by Savoy)4:06Five Million Years promo singleCD
Flowers For Sylvia (by Savoy)2:10Lackluster MeCD
Foolish4:35Mary Is Coming
Savoy Songbook Vol. 1 (1994-2004)
Foreign Film (by Savoy)3:55Lackluster Me
Foreign Film promo single
Foreign Film (Promo Version) (by Savoy)4:59Lackluster Me promoCD
Foreign Film (Rock Version) (by Savoy)3:30Mountains Of Time bonus discCD
Get Up Now (by Savoy)5:17Mary Is ComingCD
Girl One (by Savoy)3:38SavoyCD
Goodbye Sweet Sorrow (by Furia)5:31Piece Of Paradise
Goodbye Sweet Sorrow
Grind You Down (by Savoy)3:44Mountains Of Time
Grind You Down promo single
Grind You Down (2007) (by Savoy)3:27Savoy Songbook Vol. 1 (2007)CD
Grind You Down (Vinyl Edit) (by Savoy)3:13Mountains Of Time Re-issueCD
Half An Hour's Worth (by Savoy)3:13Mary Is ComingCD
Half Of The Time (by Savoy)4:19Reasons To Stay IndoorsCD
Half Of The Time (Edit) (by Savoy)4:08Half Of The Time promo singleCD
Hey Luchie (by Savoy)2:35Lackluster MeCD
I Can See You Clearly (by True August)3:45True AugustDownload
I Still Cry (by Savoy)4:44Lackluster Me
I Still Cry promo single
I Still Cry (Vinyl Edit) (by Savoy)4:28Lackluster Me Re-issueCD
I Would Not Change A Thing (by Savoy)4:54Reasons To Stay IndoorsCD
I Wouldn't Change A Thing (Acoustic Version) (by Savoy)4:17Reasons To Stay IndoorsCD
If You Tell (by Savoy)4:20Lackluster MeCD
If You Tell (promo version) (by Savoy)4:47Lackluster Me promoCD
If You Tell (Vinyl Edit) (by Savoy)4:08Lackluster Me Re-issueCD
If You Won't Come To The Party (by Savoy)4:26Reasons To Stay IndoorsCD
If You Won't Come To The Party (Edit) (by Savoy)3:58Savoy Songbook Vol. 1 (1994-2004)CD
Is My Confidence Reeling? (by Savoy)4:44SavoyCD
Isotope (by Savoy)4:53SavoyCD
January Thaw (by Savoy)4:23See The Beauty On Your Home Town
January Thaw single
Karma Boomerang (Remix) (by Savoy)Karma Boomerang promo singleCD
Karma Boomerang (2007) (by Savoy)3:30Savoy Songbook Vol. 1 (2007)
Karma Boomerang promo single
Krones (by True August)4:20True AugustDownload
Lackluster Me (by Savoy)4:30Lackluster MeCD
Lackluster Me (2007) (by Savoy)4:43Savoy Songbook Vol. 1 (2007)CD
Lackluster Me (Vinyl Edit) (by Savoy)4:17Lackluster Me Re-issueCD
Laundromat (by Waaktaar & Zoe)3:59World Of TroubleCD
Leipzig (by True August)5:12True AugustDownload
Mammoth (by Waaktaar & Zoe)4:05World Of TroubleCD
Man In The Park (by Savoy)5:15Mountains Of TimeCD
Man In The Park (Single edit) / (Remix) (by Savoy)3:57Savoy Songbook Vol. 1 (1994-2004)
Man In The Park promo single
Manmade Lake (by Savoy)4:59See The Beauty On Your Home TownCD
Mary Is Coming (by Savoy)4:42Mary Is Coming
Mary Is Coming promo single
Melanie Lied To Me (by Savoy)4:35SavoyCD
Mount Joy (by True August)4:33True AugustDownload
Mountains (by Savoy)4:23Mountains Of TimeCD
Mountains (Vinyl Edit) (by Savoy)3:58Mountains Of Time Re-issueCD
Music (by Y Me)4:55Dance With The World7"
Night Watch (by Savoy)4:20See The Beauty On Your Home Town
Nightwatch single
Ocean floor (by Savoy)4:11Mountains Of TimeCD
Ocean Floor (Vinyl Edit) (by Savoy)3:42Mountains Of Time Re-issueCD
October (by Savoy)3:40Velvet singleCD
Once Upon A Year (by Savoy)4:53Reasons To Stay IndoorsCD
Once Upon A Year (Acoustic Version) (by Savoy)4:51Reasons To Stay IndoorsCD
Open Face (by Waaktaar & Zoe)4:32World Of TroubleCD
Overgrown (by Savoy)4:48Reasons To Stay IndoorsCD
Paramount (by Savoy)3:34Reasons To Stay IndoorsCD
Rain (by Savoy)5:14Lackluster MeCD
Rain (2007) (by Savoy)3:37Savoy Songbook Vol. 1 (2007)CD
Rain (Edit) (by Savoy)4:20Rain promo singleCD
Rain (Unplugged) (by Savoy)4:19Mountains Of Time bonus discCD
Rain (Vinyl Edit) (by Savoy)4:06Lackluster Me Re-issueCD
Rain On Your Parade (by Savoy)4:40SavoyCD
Raise Your Sleepy Head (by Savoy)3:27Mary Is ComingCD
Reasons To Stay Indoors (by Savoy)5:29Reasons To Stay IndoorsCD
Reasons To Stay Indoors (2007) (by Savoy)5:45Savoy Songbook Vol. 1 (2007)CD
Rubber (by True August)3:16True AugustDownload
See What Becomes (by Savoy)4:28Mountains Of TimeCD
See What Becomes (Vinyl Edit) (by Savoy)3:44Mountains Of Time Re-issueCD
Shooting Spree (by Savoy)4:11SavoyCD
Shy Teens Suffering Silently (by Savoy)2:45See The Beauty On Your Home TownCD
Star (by Savoy)4:41Mountains Of TimeCD
Star (2007) (by Savoy)4:05Savoy Songbook Vol. 1 (2007)CD
Star (Loop-mix) (by Savoy)5:20Star "I'm Not Stupid Baby" singleCD
Star (NYC Mix) (by Savoy)5:19Star "I'm Not Stupid Baby" singleCD
Star (Radio edit / Single edit) (by Savoy)4:22Star "I'm Not Stupid Baby" single
Savoy Songbook Vol. 1 (1994-2004)
Star (I'm Not Stupid) (Vinyl Edit) (by Savoy)4:26Mountains Of Time Re-issueCD
Still I'm On Your Side (by Savoy)4:05Mary Is ComingCD
Sunlit Byways (by Savoy)4:13See The Beauty On Your Home TownCD
Sweet Life (by Linnea Dale)3:36Good GoodbyesCD
Sycamore Leaves (by Savoy)3:35Lackluster MeCD
Tearful Girl (by Waaktaar & Zoe)4:01World Of TroubleCD
Tears From A Stone (by Savoy)4:36Mary Is ComingCD
Tears From A Stone (2007) (by Savoy)4:11Savoy Songbook Vol. 1 (2007)CD
The Bovarnick Twins (by Savoy)4:58Mountains Of Time bonus disc
Star "I'm Not Stupid Baby" promo single
The Breakers (by Savoy)3:36Savoy
Savoy Songbook Vol. 1 (1994-2004)
The One That Got Away (by Savoy)4:00Reasons To Stay IndoorsCD
The Sequoia Has Fallen (by Waaktaar & Zoe)4:04World Of TroubleCD
They To Me And I To Them (by Waaktaar & Zoe)3:54World Of TroubleCD
This, That & The Other (by Savoy)4:19Lackluster MeCD
This, That & The Other (Remix) (by Savoy)4:20Mountains Of Time bonus discCD
Tongue Tied (by Savoy)5:37Mountains Of TimeCD
Totally Hide (by Savoy)2:36Reasons To Stay IndoorsCD
Tyve Null Tre (by deLillos)5:14Gamle Sanger Om Igjen
Tyve Null Tre
Underground (by Savoy)3:50Mary Is Coming
Underground promo single
Unsound (by Savoy)5:02Lackluster MeCD
Unsound (Edit) (by Savoy)4:43Savoy Songbook Vol. 1 (1994-2004)CD
Velvet (by Savoy)4:35Mary Is Coming
Savoy Songbook Vol. 1 (1994-2004)
Velvet (Edit) (by Savoy)3:45Velvet US promo singleCD
Velvet (Greene Street Mix) (by Savoy)4:37Velvet singleCD
Velvet (Single mix) (by Savoy)4:38Velvet singleCD
Watertowers (by Savoy)1:39SavoyCD
We Will Never Forget (by Savoy)3:11Mary Is ComingCD
(My) Weathervane (by Savoy)4:32See The Beauty On Your Home TownCD
Weathervane (by Weathervane)4:24WeathervaneDownload
Weathervane (edit) (by Weathervane)3:58Weathervane promoCD
We’re The Same Way (by Savoy)4:34See The Beauty On Your Home TownCD
Whalebone (by Savoy)4:25SavoyCD
Whalebone (Edit) (by Savoy)3:58Whalebone promo singleCD
Whalebone (2007) (by Savoy)4:53Savoy Songbook Vol. 1 (2007)CD
Winter Wants Me Empty (by Waaktaar & Zoe)4:03World Of TroubleCD
With Eyes Closed (by Linnea Dale)4:30Good GoodbyesCD
World Of Trouble (by Waaktaar & Zoe)3:57World Of TroubleCD
Xmas Time (Blows My Mind) (by Savoy)4:27Xmas Time (Blows My Mind) promo singleCD
You Should've Told Me (by Savoy)4:32Lackluster MeCD
You Should Have Told Me (Alternative Version) (by Savoy)4:28Reasons To Stay IndoorsCD
You Should've Told Me (Edit) (by Savoy)4:09Savoy Songbook Vol. 1 (1994-2004)CD
You Should've Told Me (Vinyl Edit) (by Savoy)4:18Lackluster Me Re-issueCD
You Won't Come To The Party (by Savoy)4:25Reason's To Stay Indoors
You Won't Come To The Party promo single
You Won't Come To The Party (Radio Edit) (by Savoy)3:59You Won't Come To The Party promo singleCD

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